Decisions Determine Destiny

Brynne Winkelman, Sports Editor

Dumas High School embodies the slogan “Decisions Determine Destiny”.  Seniors at Dumas High School have heard this statement repeatedly throughout their four years of school. Several seniors were willing to explain their thoughts on this statement.  They also talked about what they would like to change about the school in order to create a better path to achieving their destiny.

Kaleigh Speck is a senior at Dumas High School. Throughout her four years here, she has had many experiences that have allowed her to better prepare for her future.

“I like that I have always felt supported by everyone here [at DHS],” said Speck. “The staff is always pushing us to create a strong plan to follow after high school. They show support to every group on campus and really work to incorporate those things into helping us design a life that we love for the future.”

Brette Clark, who is also a Senior at Dumas High School, had some ideas that would provide a better vision of the future and for making decisions on who they want to be.

“I would change the electives that we have here at the school. Many schools have classes that range from Forensic Science to Interior Design. If we had more specific subjects, and less generic subjects, students would have more of an understanding of a career path that they would like to follow,” Clark said.  

Students are taking the Decisions Determine Destiny motto seriously and it shows in the ideas they have to make DHS better.

“I also think that they should find a way to incorporate something fun, such as field trips, into classes to get a better glimpse of what we are learning being used in real life jobs,” Clark said.