UIL is for Everyone

UIL is something many are passionate about at DHS. From Theatre to Robotics there is something for everyone.  UIL teams practice each week and compete in the spring.  

“To me, UIL is a chance for both athletes and non-athletes to get in more studying,” said Ms. Wood, UIL Coordinator. “I believe it’s also a good chance for us to compete against other schools and do our part in representing Dumas.”

UIL is open to everyone,  and there is a wide range of subjects to choose from.  UIL events and their coaches are as follows: 

  • Kara Hollis- Journalism 
  • Pam Wood- Number Sense, Calculator, Math
  • Jill Williams- Computer applications, Accounting, and Computer science
  • Raquel Aguillion-Spelling 
  • Nallely Pinon-Garcia- Literary Criticism and Ready Writing
  • Rachel Wood- Science
  • Zoey Gibson- Current Issues and Events
  • Jacque Collom- Speech and Debate

“I teach spelling,” said Mrs. Aguillion, Spanish teacher.  “It really is great to see my kids get excited when they spell and word right and see them keep trying when they make a mistake.”  

As of right now, most subjects have coaches but we still need teachers to volunteer.  UIL needs coaches for social studies, and to help out in other events.  

“I coach computer science, computer applications, and accounting,” said Mrs. Williams, instructional coach.  “Since I don’t have a classroom it has been a bit hard for me to juggle all three, and it would really help if we could get more teachers to help.” 

UIL team is a great way to grow your knowledge, win scholarships, and make new friends. See one of the teachers to get started.