Reckless Parking Comes to an End  

Brianna Gomez, Regan Sullivan, Bailey Vanavery, Staff Writers

DHS students will choose permanent parking spots. (Brianna Gomez )

Starting next week students will be able to sign up for their permanent parking spot with Chief Quirk in the front office. The policy changed due to reckless parking over the years. 

¨…we have always had horrible parking issues even before me,” says Chief Quirk, the police officer at Dumas High School. “So until the new building is built in the back, we decided the best way to go around our issues is to give everyone a chance to have an assigned parking spot.¨ 

The changes include adding numbers to the parking spaces, adding parking into the student conduct handbook, and making the sign ups only last a week per grade.  Students can sign up on a first come first serve basis.   

¨I think it’ll work out better than last year,” said Sarah Stovall, a senior at Dumas High School. ¨When Chief Quirk came last year, he cracked down on the parking situation.  Last year I actually had to park in front of houses because there was not enough parking here at the high school.¨ 

Upperclassmen will no longer have the issue of being pushed out of the parking lot by unlicensed drivers and have no other choice than to park on civilian sidewalks.  Eventually, when the upperclassmen get done with their week to sign up for their parking permits, the underclassmen will be able to get the remaining parking permits.