Dear Dumas,

Part 1: Videos to parents and students

Dylan Green, Ryan Riggins, Jordan Conde, Haydn Davis

Kara Hollis, Adviser

Dylan Green, Jordan Conde, Ryan Riggins, Haydn Davis
Dylan Green, Jordan Conde, Ryan Riggins, Haydn Davis

The students of Dumas High School have worked together to create videos to help students and parents in conjunction with the parent meeting at Sunday, March 29, at 2p.m. in the DHS cafeteria.  Twenty-three upperclassmen came together with the DHS video crew to produce two public service announcements and several feature stories related to concerns they see in younger students as they transition to junior high and high school.  Due to the increased use of social media among younger children, the students began to see the difference it is making in how children experiment with drugs, sex, and alcohol.  Through this observation, juniors and seniors at DHS chose to speak out on these issues and share their experiences related to growing up and becoming a teenager.  This is the information they want to share with their community: Dear Dumas,