Blackout Chaos

Gisselle Hernandez and Esperanza Leal

DHS is known for having the hypest student section in the 806. They go all out at every football game, home and away. Even with the pep rallies, they go all out. They have themed pep rallies all the time, and the most recent one was a blackout pep rally for senior night. It was amazing and you could hear the crowd cheering from across the school, but it did not go as planned.

Every year, DHS has a blackout pep rally, and students get extra rowdy compared to the other pep rallies. Last Friday, it got a little too rowdy. 

“It was not the greatest,” said Patricia Sheldon, the cheerleading coach and pep rally organizer. 

Students were disappointed and became distracted during pauses between skits during the November 8 pep rally. 

“What bothered me the most was that everyone had their cellphones out, so it messed with the wifi in the gym, causing a lot of the songs to not download fast,” said Sheldon.

The cheerleaders would be in the middle of a dance and the music would stop out of nowhere.  Also, transitioning into other skits was taking forever and that’s when students would start throwing stuff.

“Due to the fact that students were throwing glow sticks everywhere, there probably won’t be another black out pep rally for several years,” said Sheldon.

The principal has a strict rule about throwing things at pep rallies and especially at football games said Sheldon. 

It probably would have been okay if the student body stayed and helped clean, but as always they rush out”

— 12, Liliana Garay

Keep in mind, it was a blackout pep rally, and even then it didn’t really seem like it.

“One thing that bothered me the most was that a lot of people had their flashes on, really killing the whole blackout vibe,” said Liliana.

It was enough people to make it seem like it wasn’t really even a blackout. It’s okay to record, just without the flash. 

“The administration was not happy at all with what the students had done,” said Sheldon.

Since the pep rally didn’t go as planned, the staff were pretty upset.

“Even with all of the chaos, the pep rally was still really good, my favorite part was when the cheerleaders were acting out the speech,” said Liliana.

At the end of the pep rally, the cheerleaders did a really cool scene for the seniors. Since all the lights were shut off, they set up one light behind the cheerleaders when they were acting a speech that talked about the seniors growing up and now high school coming to an end for them. The light was set up in a way the seniors could only see the silhouette of the cheerleaders. 

“I thought it was something memorable how the cheerleaders did the little play for the seniors, for a lot of the seniors it really hit home,” said Jairo Nava

It’s all very emotional as the seniors are now closing a great chapter in their lives.  Last football game, last pep rally, last lunch with friends, it will be the last of a lot of things as they all grow up and go their own ways.  Seniors will have many memories to share. Be sure to make the best of these high school days.