Demons Sweep The Dumas Dual

The Dumas Duel took place last Saturday for all students to compete in their chosen events. For some students this was their first UIL competition.

Many newcomers voiced that since it was their first competition, they were worried they were not going to place.

“I felt super stressed, worried, and scared. I kept thinking that I was going to fail or do horrible since it was my first meet,” senior Lesly Solano, first year member of UIL Journalism said. 

After the results came out, some students said they were disappointed that they did not place and felt like they could have done better if there had been better preparation.

“I felt like I should’ve tried harder,” junior Jonathan Maestas said. “And that our coach should’ve tried coaching us better.”

Although some students did not do well, many others were able to place and were surprised by the results.

“I was so surprised that I placed at all,” Solano said. “I was also surprised/sad/disappointed that I didn’t place in News writing because I felt the most prepared in it.”

After experiencing their first meet, some students are choosing to continue participating and improving themselves.

“I would like the opportunity to grow in writing for Journalism,” Solano said.

UIL students will be attending the Student Activity Conference at Texas Tech this Saturday. The bus will be leaving 6 a.m. sharp, students attending should make sure to arrive beforehand.