Cross country meet at Lubbock

Doe Mai Na, Staff Reporter

Cross country had their regional meet Oct. 28 in Lubbock. The meet decided whether the teams and/or the individuals in the team could qualify for state. 

Students that went to the meet consisted of Ramon Loya, Xavier Soto, Jonathan Maestas, Trenton Stephenson, Jesus Munoz, Josue Rivero, Aaron Cantu for the boys and Torris Harris, Autumn Trujillo, Rocio Mendoza, Balyn Keosyhavong, Claudia Aguirre, Mazzy Morrison, and Valeria Loya for the girls. 

Junior Jonathan Maestas said that this regional meet was identical to the state meet in a sense of competitiveness. 

“We are going against the best teams at state, to get to state we have to be [the] top 4,” Maestas said. “And if we don’t make it as a team[,] it’s possible that we can get individuals to qualify.”

Seniors Ramon Loya and Xavier Soto qualified as individuals for state and will compete in the state meet at Round Rock.

“The race was definitely faster than any 4A race in the state due to our region being the most competitive full of teams that are top finishers at state,”  Maestas said. “Ramon [finished] 16:03 [and] Xavier [finished at] 16:15.”

Cross country coach Hugo Aguinaga said that the training “definitely paid off”.

Every single athlete that qualified for the regional meet ran their person best time,” Aguinaga said. “I think these athletes are starting to become more aware of their bodies and are starting to learn how to train smarter. They have also been learning the skill of running and are becoming more efficient the more they master that skill.”

Sophomore Tori Harris was only 11 seconds away from qualifying for state.

“I believe she will come back stronger next season and will be a great contender for a state qualifying spot,” Aguinaga said.

The Cross country girls finished in the top 15 spots in the region. 

“They are composed of young talented athletes and will come better prepared for the next season,” Aguinaga said. “The four teams that come out of Region 1 will finish in the top four spots at the state meet.”

Aguinaga said he felt “very proud” of the students. 

Every single athlete ran a personal record and left everything out on the course,” Aguinaga said. “There is nothing more that I could have asked of them and I am very proud of the hard work and dedication they put in this season.”