9/11: The day that changed America forever.

Joselyne Garcia, Writer

The morning of September 11 was a bright and beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky looked clear, but what nobody knew was that it wouldn’t stay as charming as it looked. Blood was shed and panic aroused everywhere, triggering chaos in the nation as a whole. What follows next is not only loss and trauma but the beginning of a story that keeps making its mark in today’s society. 

Osama bin Laden leader of the al-Qaeda was the central power of what would become one of America’s most tragic events. With him, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was the operational key of the attack. Together causing the total death of 2,977 innocent victims ranging from the ages of two through eighty five. Two major airline companies (United Airlines and American Airlines) were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. Two airplanes (American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175) were intentionally crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Shortly followed by an attack on the Pentagon (headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense). The final plane (United Airlines Flight 93) collapsed just outside Pennsylvania when brave  passengers prevented the hijackers from reaching the capital of the country. 

Taking a step back to remember this anniversary can have different meanings for all. Whether a bystander, victim, hero, or reporter, there is a story to tell. For some it’s a like an empty glass of water, transparent and empty.  But for others it is a plate full of strong emotions and vivid reactions. 

“I didn’t know what was happening, I was in 7th grade. But now as a history teacher it (9/11) sets the tone for new generations. There’s a division on how you feel on certain issues,” Mrs.Brazell said.

The aftermath of such atrocity sparked a debate between the community. Thus, not only acting as an incentive for national security but as the foundation for people to broach about the topic of terrorism as well as, to view anyone outside the country as a threat to internal instability leading to standardizing.

“ After 9/11, people have different views about the overseas and Afghanistan. It affects (the victims) lives in general, some might not want to fly,” Coach Phillips said. 

Life no longer had that feeling of  “normalcy” that was felt before. It has been crafted into a shell of fear that traps everyone within and controls them in a way the person has no escape. 

“I think the victims are more traumatized and feel like they are more worried about everything,” Senior Mariah Plentychief stated. 

On November 19, 2001, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created in response to the attack of 9/11. This, to ensure proper security procedures when it came to national safety in airports. 

“Security is a lot more focused (airports and border). A big reason to why people are so paranoid and that’s not a good thing because it stops them from progress,” Coach Phillips stated.

Moving forward can be a comprehensive barrier, especially if the main cause (violence) is still present in the lives of the people. 

“Nowadays you can’t go out to eat or school without thinking something can happen,” Senior Mariah Plentychief said. 

Even though, external terrorism attacks haven’t been active for the past 20 years, there is a new enemy that has emerged slowly over the years. Reflecting the paranoia that people faced during the attacks of 9/11. And with that, the quality of life begins to deter. 

  “Every generation is going to have a thing(event), not exactly terrorism. This generation is witnessing an increase in massive shootings, domestic violence, and terrorism, “ Coach Phillips said.

Over the past recent years, the youth has been impacted by the massive shootings occurring almost every day. They fear terrible tragedies like 9/11 can repeat themselves. Reflecting the state of consternation the population faced 18 years ago. 

“ Future acts can happen exactly like 9/11 if not worse,” Senior Noel Claire said.

The autonomy of individuals has risen to challenge the status quo and push the government to take action. But everyone has an opinion and flow of ideas about what  utilitarian action the country leaders should take. Creating an environment in which heated discussions can take place in platforms such as social media. 

“The way society is right now, people have let their guard down (more sensitivity) which can affect our defects,” Mrs. Gabehart said. “ It teaches people to better protect the country inside out; citizens have their guard up”. 

There is something that is learned everyday. And massive events such as 9/11 mark people and the way things work and develop, they are the basis of learning and causing change within not just in an authoritative way but emotional way.

“It’s part of history such as the civil war, it changes our lives and laws. People are more aware of what happened and could happen,” Coach Phillips stated.

Regardless, of how much negativity terrorist attacks may cause and take away from civilizations, there is a will and there is a power greater than any evil force out there in the world. Unity, power, patriotism, and companionship is what made America stronger. 

“Our country can overcome any disaster,” Senior Noel Claire stated.