An insight in Art Club

Joselyne Garcia, Staff Writer

Art is here, in a room full of people, in the sunsets, or maybe it’s just you. Here in Dumas High School, Art Club is open to anybody who’s willing to put down their phone screen down and allow their minds to take over in an artistic and fun way. 

Art Club meets once a month, the next meeting will be held September 11th, kicking off their bread fundraiser. Make sure to mark your calendars and support Art Club! Some of the categories that Art Club offers are: sculpting, oil painting, pencil media, pottery, amongst other great choices that give the students here at DHS the opportunity to join in. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing your path. 

“Art doesn’t have a certain category. It’s an open category with different types of art like media, sculpting, writing, modeling. It’s something everyone can do no matter what lifestyle you live in,” Senior and member of the Art Club Kevin Tarango said. ”

— 12, Kevin Tarango

Not only does art influence the process of thinking but it helps us in ways we don’t even realize. Often times simple things like sitting down and having a groundbreaking time for yourself can be challenging  and that’s when art can be your guide.

“Art helps you expand everything you may not know you have, like creativity, physical, mental and spiritual state, even education ,” Tarango said. 

Art digs underneath the surface and like pirates, takes away our forgotten treasures who were once buried in the very deep out of the sea for everyone to see. 

“It (art) helps others paint and expand their creativity. They can also explore more of the talents they (students) have,”  Tarango said. 

Art club is a reminder that high school isn’t just having the perfect grades.  It is a time in which students have the ability to not only explore things for themselves but to also make long-lasting memories with the people around them. 

“I believe students should participate in Art Club because students should be able to expand their creativity and have fun at the same time,” Tarango said.