Helping Others in Need

The blood drive was Tuesday, Oct. 22 in the cracker box gym giving students opportunity to give the gift of life to help others in need.

Student Council hosted the Blood Drive in connection with Coffee Memorial Blood Center in Amarillo. There were 38 units of blood donated altogether, 3 of the donations were platelets given from the high school students to the Coffee Memorial Blood Center.

“We had about 45-50 students that were scheduled to come down. We had 38 in total, it was probably one of our most successful ones we’ve had in awhile,” Carrie Albert said.

Students take the opportunity to give to others to value their gift of life by helping others.

“I feel as if it is a good thing for kids here at Dumas High School to experience, because it is a kind act to do and show love to other people,” Colton Johnson said.

Most of the students who signed up had the opportunity to donate blood, but unfortunately were not able to.

“What was a good thing, is that a lot of high school students who donated this year is that it tends to be their first time to give blood and if they’re not prepared the right way for it, like if they haven’t had enough fluids and things like that they end up not being able to donate, and so they’re called as deferred,” Albert said.

The fall blood drive was very successful and had a great outcome with a lot of recognition.

“They sent us a little bucket as a matter of fact and said, “Thank you so much that was a very successful blood drive, one of the best ones that y’all have had in a long time. Thank you for saving lives in the panhandle,” Albert said.

Everyone has a different after feeling on how they felt about giving blood, it is mostly a good feeling, something you will value. 

“I thought the idea of donating blood sounded like a great idea to do, so I just went for it. I have always believed that every little that we give is worth something. I’m not a needle person, but the cause for it was beneficial,” Candy Contreras said. “It did leave a good feeling knowing that I just helped someone and just maybe saved a life. I will for sure donate next year again!”

There will be a followup blood drive in the spring, that way everyone who didn’t donate can consider donating.

“Mr. Bates, who teaches the health and science classes, usually schedules one for the springtime. StuCo hosts the one for fall and they do the one in the spring,” Albert said.

The blood drive was very successful and had an awesome outcome, hopefully more will volunteer to have that good feeling by joining and donating blood in the spring.