Street Dance Follow Up

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Street Dance Follow Up

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Last Friday, Sept. 20, a dance was held as a fundraising event for UIL academics. After the homecoming football game, students headed over to 7th Street in order to have fun and enjoy the dance. 

While the dance did not meet the expected attendance, UIL academic head coach Pamela Wood said “[the dance] went well”.

“ I would have liked to see more students attend, ” Wood said.

However, since there wasn’t much advertisement for the dance, not many students knew about it. 

“I personally think that better promotions of the school dances would attract more students,” junior Lizette Hernandez said.  


This is for the student body, their input is important”

— Pamela Wood, UIL Academic Head Coach

For the following years, promotion for the dance has been noted down by the organizers so they could do better. 

“We definitely needed to advertise better!” Wood said. 

Because there were not many activities available, the dance didn’t garner as much people as what the organizers thought. 




“I think more people would have been attracted to the dance if there would have been more activities,” junior Daniela Betance said. “[For example,]

games where you could win prizes.”

Although many were thrilled about the street dance, most of the students still prefer the old fashion gym dance. 

“I prefer to have a regular dance rather than a street dance,” Hernandez said. “ Because it is safer and teachers can manage everything best rather than outside in the dark were there is more risk. It is better to be safe than sorry!”

Wood has voiced out that the dance is a student activity so she is interested in what kind of input students have for the following dances. 

“If we decide to host another street dance, I would like to know what the students would like, so more would attend,” Wood said. “ They can email me or stop by and talk to me about it.  This is for the student body, their input is important.”