Wall of Honor


Stan Strobel

Wall of honor at DHS Demon Dome

For the football community of Dumas, Texas there is a symbol of values that represents the outstanding achievement of past and future Dumas Demon football players. Football is not just a sport but takes a greater part in a tradition called The Wall of Honor. 

The tradition began back in 2011 in which a past inductee recommends a player. The  “committee” (athletic director, high school principal; a community member, and someone that has a historical knowledge of the dumas demon football,) then takes into consideration the achievements of the player(s). The player is then celebrated during half-time of the football game. 

“They’re honored at half time with a plaque and a picture and their biography read over the intercom,” Principal of Dumas High School Mr. Beesly said. 

The wall of honor isn’t a celebration about being the best and having the most trophies. It is a recognition that hits close to home because it shows the development of a player in a tradition that impacts a small town and feeds the hunger of dreams. 

“In a lot of ways it’s like the guys that were the most successful; all americans, all state, went to college, played for four years, went pro like they’ve done something very extraordinary in a high level within football. But there’s also a couple guys on there that were part of Demon Football but did something spectacular outside of football. But they were part of that program,” Mr.Beesley said. 

Creating one’s legacy isn’t about being remembered as the “greatest” but how your demeanor and realizations achieved utilitarianism along the way not just for self purposes but for the community. 

“The impact is that were all one family, like those people that have gone before you . It’s good for you guys to know that they’re from Dumas, they grew up in the same streets y’all grew up in, they came to the same high school that you guys went to, and they were able to achieve amazing accomplishments just by working hard and being determined,” Mr.Beesley stated. 

Opportunities come and go but a person only gets one opportunity to live and experience what life has to give. The Wall of Honor remembers those who in their past times have gone out to become successful and known football players. They create a mark in the Wall of Honor like the first to be inducted into the wall, Ray McKown, who graduated from Dumas High School in 1950. He then went on to TCU on a full scholarship to play as the quarterback of their football team and in 1954 was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think it’s always good to give recognitions for those folks that helped put Dumas on the map, that gave noterwrity and Dumas is part of their story. To honor them, to appreciate them, to thank them for the things that they’ve done coming from right here from Dumas, Texas and to show you guys that anything is possible! There are guys here that were professionals, there were guys here that won all kinds of awards. So I think it’s good for us to see that. Like I tell you guys all the time, from Dumas you can go anywhere, you can do anything!,” said Beesley.

Traditions are what make up our lives, they are the foundation of our memories. Every holiday, special event, or activity celebrated yearly is a tradition. For the Football community of Dumas, Texas that tradition is honoring its former players.

“Much of what occurs in schools are based on tradition; things that have been started in the past. Honoring these individuals for their accomplishments helps contribute to that tradition of athletic excellence,” said the Athletic Director of Dumas High School, Mr. Stroebel.