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Leo Club

Venus Perez

Venus Perez

Venus Perez

Eveline Rivero and Esperanza Leal, Staff Writer

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“Leo Club helps me learn how to give and how to be there for other people,” ”

— Brayden Boggs

Leo Club is an organization based on character, leadership, and community service.

Jill Williams, Venus Perez, and Brayden Boggs play big roles at the Dumas High School Leo Club Organization as they volunteer to serve their school and community.

“I am the sponsor, so whatever the kids want to do, I make sure that we can do it legally with the school and with the club,” Williams said. “I love watching kids be successful in a volunteer opportunity and make networking connections.”

Leo Club is for those who like to volunteer and interact with their community.

“I chose to be a part of this organization, because I feel like it is a good thing to help other people and do good things while being a kind person,” Boggs said.

Any student that goes to Dumas High School is allowed to join the organization, as long as they are dedicated and want to help out their peers and anybody around them. Leo Club meets every week to discuss possible ways to help the community.

“On Monday we have the executive meeting for officers and on Thursday we have our whole member meeting, everybody goes.” Perez said.

Leo Club gets as involved as they can with their community, while they can.  The next event Leo Club is assisting in is the Tumbleweed Classic.

“We are not in charge of The Texas Tumbleweed, but we are running a water station at the bike race, to hand out drinks to the bikers as they pass by,” Williams said.

There are a variety of options to volunteer for and there is not anything that they force anyone to do, it is all optional and voluntarily done.

“I’m going to help at the United Way Banquet, September 30, where we go serve drinks and food,” Boggs said.

The organization has a calm environment and can be used to get out and spend time with the community and friends.

“I’ve made really good relationships in and out of the school, and I’m just glad to help around,” Perez said.

Everyone has their own way of helping out the community, and Leo Club is a great way to do so.