DHS annual class meetings


Doe Mai Na

Principal Beesley giving the junior class a presentation during the class meeting.

Doe Mai Na and Eh Bway Paw

To inform students about school regulations and policy changes, a class meeting was held in the auditorium. Classes were called down by Principal Brett Beesley to gather and watch a presentation presented by the administrators on Aug. 2o. 

“We have [the class meetings] to get our vital information out to the students,” Principal Brett Beesley said. 

Administrators of the school are not the only ones that sees class meetings as an important part of the school year.

“I believe class meetings are necessary in order for students to get informed,” junior Mariaesleisy Borunda said. 

 Students have voiced their thoughts on what should have been included in the future meetings that wasn’t in the previous ones .

“One thing that should be added to the class meetings is an open discussion,” Borunda said. “So [that] students can give their opinions and suggestions.”

Pep rally is a big part of the school life for students. Some students have shared their viewpoint on how to make it more exciting. 

“I think pep rally themes should be discussed with the whole class to make them more competitive and fun,” junior Alexa Chacon said. 

While the meetings can be a bore because of the same information being presented year after year, some students expressed that it was still very informative. 

“They explain everything very clearly,” freshman December Htoo said. “And I understood what to do.”

Chacon said that the class meetings are  a chance for students to get closer to the people they have spent years working with and talking to. There are many parts of the meetings that stood out to students, but one in particular expresses the purpose of the school. 

“What stood out to me the most is no matter our background or our differences,” Chacon said. “We all get loud with Demon Pride.”