Coming to an End…

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Coming to an End…

Nicole Ramirez

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The class of fashion design is coming to an end.  Connie Burton teaches the fashion design class and she is also the director of the Trashing Show. The final year for the fashion design class will be 2019-2020, but unfortunately students competed in the final Trashing Show this year.

The fashion design class has been very successful in the past 7 years.  Students have learned to have an open mind and be creative in their design projects.  They learn necessary skills that will help them in their future.

Every school in Texas must follow the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and every decision and change to classes offered at DHS goes through Brett Beesley.

“The state changed pathways and decided to add culinary arts as an educational program and sadly took out the fashion design pathway,” Beesley said.  

Beesley expressed disappointment about TEA’s curriculum change, however he is required to implement changes from the state. He knows how far the program has come and understands the benefits this successful program gives DHS students.

“Some people won’t experience the fun of sewing and learning new things. It’s honestly a good way to end my senior year,” senior Arlene Flores said.

Flores says these experiences that have been created in this class are different than the rest. The students have made new friendships and have learned new things that can help them later on in life.

“I thought it was a good experience, I actually started talking to good, nice people,” Senior Mariah Plentychef said.

As Plentychef choose fashion design just like many students. They have not regretted their decision of getting in the class, because students are centered around a common interest.  The students learn to help each other and many develop new friendships.

“I’m sad. I understand, but I’m still sad,” Burton said.  

Burton has been teaching for 17 years at DHS and seeing this particular program come to end after all the hard work and effort she has put into it throughout the years is difficult.

“It’s more than just a class,” Burton said.

Many students  have chosen to be a part of the last year of this class. This class has made students closer and develop new friendships like Thaiz Beltran and her friends. This year a former student knitted a sweater for herself and shared the picture on facebook as a tribute to her former fashion design teacher, Mrs. Burton.  

“We’re like a family, we’re woven together,” Beltran said.