Members of the tennis team

Jaime Radford, Editor-In-Chief

On Apr. 17 four members of the tennis team, Iram Antillon, Addy Davis, Larissa Oliva, and Kristin Owens,  went to compete in Lubbock for their Regionals. They played at Texas Tech against other players who qualified for Regionals in their district. Although their time at Texas Tech was short, it was the first time in 5 years since anyone has gone to Regionals in the tennis team.

Iram Antillion, a sophomore on the varsity tennis team, loves the competitiveness of the sport. His experience at Regionals left him with a desire to make it to continue working to make it to State. Antillion’s experience was also impacted positively by his mixed doubles partner.

“I enjoy the competitiveness of the sport and how there is always room to improve. My partner Addy is also one of, if not the best part of the whole experience,” Antillon said. “My experience [at Regionals] was good overall, but it was my first step in wanting to go to state, and I know that my partner, Addy, only made that experience better.”

Coach Weis and Coach Davis had an impact on Antillon. Coach Weis helps Antillon with the physicalness of the sport, while Coach Davis helps him mentally.

“Coach Weis impacted me by looking after me and and keeping me going and Davis was motivational, my idol, and helped my mental game,” Antillon said.

After everything he learned, Antillon believes hard work helps one reach their goal.

“Some advice I can give to upcoming tennis players is trust the process, you don’t become good overnight, you have to work hard to reach those goals,” Antillon said.

Addy Davis, the valedictorian for the class of 2019, loves tennis because it reduces the stress from school. Davis’ experience at Regionals is a great way to end off her senior year, and she is glad she made many memories with the tennis team.

“I have always loved [tennis], it just takes away the stress from school and it’s my escape,” Davis said. “Going to Regionals was amazing because I went to my future school, the team went together to make more memories, and going was a great way to end my senior year.”

Davis had a variety of people to count on, and many of them impacted the way she plays tennis.

“Iram impacted me by improving my play and showing me how to play with heart, fight, and perseverance,” Davis said. “Alex [Cunningham] taught me leadership and what it means to be there for other people when they can’t be there for themselves. My dad helped me with everything in and out of tennis to keep me going, and Coach Weis never gave up on me even though I deserved it sometimes.”

Advice that Davis gives to upcoming tennis players is to have control of their emotions, but also enjoy every match.

“Advice I would give is never give up and never let your emotions take control of your match. Also to enjoy every moment you can because it’ll go by fast,” Davis said.

Kristen Owens, a senior on the varsity team, enjoys tennis because of the competitiveness and the interactions with the team. Owens’ performance in the sport was impacted by the coach and her members of her family.

“I like the feeling of the competitiveness and practicing with the team,” Owens said. “Coach Weis impacted my playing because when he got here he helped me alot with my play including my serves. Both my grandpa and my dad impacted me by motivating me and keeping going.”

Owens feels that going to Regionals is her legacy at Dumas High School.

“Going to regionals and playing was great because just the thought of leaving a legacy for Dumas tennis is amazing,” Owens said.

For any new tennis player, Owens says to work hard and eventually it will pay off.

“For upcoming tennis players, work hard and never give up because it all pays off in the end,” Owens said.

Larissa Oliva, a senior on the varsity team, enjoys tennis because it is a mental game and a stress reliever. Both of the coaches had a major role in shaping how Oliva plays as well as the entire tennis team.

“I enjoy playing the game in general it’s a great mental game and it helps me release my stress when I play,” said Oliva. “Both coaches were a big impact on me. Weis helped me with my play on court and how to play overall. Davis helped me a lot mentally and kept me going. The whole team was a great impact on my play. I wanted to improve and leave an impact on them to continue the fun and motivation in tennis.”

To Oliva, Regionals was a different experience from her previous tournaments and games, and she hopes that her success will inspire many freshmen to strive to achieve the same goal.

“Going to regionals was a great experience it was something different from other tournaments and intense,” said Oliva. “I enjoyed most that we are leaving a memory to all the underclassmen to keep pushing to reach that same experience.”

Oliva believes new tennis players need to live every game as if it were their last, and make every opportunity count.

“Live every game like it is your first and your last,” Oliva said. “Don’t focus on the things you did wrong or the things you need to do. Every point counts and every game is a new opportunity. Just play.”