Student creates new club

Doe Mai Na and Eh Bway Paw

To understand and see the diversity in all people, a new club was created to broaden people’s horizons by learning about other cultures, customs and experiences around the world.

The Cultural Club is having their first meeting tomorrow, May 1 during lunch in business teacher Jill Williams’s classroom. Sophomore Jodi Louallen was the first person to suggest and implement the idea of the club.  

“The club focuses on welcoming people from different countries and a place to learn about different cultures,” Louallen said. “[It also teaches us to] learn how to respect different cultures, share what we like about cultures and make new friends.”

Louallen said she started the club because she had always loved different cultures and loved learning about them.

“I thought it would be cool to share what I learned with people who have the same interest [as me],” Louallen said.

She also said she understood how it felt to be different due to her love of different cultures and music. These were also key factors that allowed her to start the Culture Club.

“[The club] is important to me because I know what it is like to feel left out just because I like different cultures and different music than [every]one else,” Louallen said. “So I want to make a safe place to make friends and connect with people who like what I like.”

I wanted to start it because I love learning about cultures and I want to share that with other people that have the same interests and make new friends.”

— Jodi Louallen


Principal Brett Beesley said he hopes that with the start of this club, the student body would be more aware of the different cultures in the school.

“[I hope]students gain knowledge,” Beesley said. “[I hope they] become [more] compassionate and empathetic of other cultures.”

Currently, the club has nine members with the majority being freshmen.

“As of right now, I have nine members and I hope to have more soon,” Louallen said. “But they all came to me and said they would love to join, so I hope future club members love it just as much as us.”

Most of the meetings take place Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as the club doesn’t really have a set date yet.

“The club will meet every week mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday as of now but we can change that if it needs to for the club members.” Louallen said. “The official date has not been set yet, but I will let everyone know when it is.”

Club members also expressed their excitement for the club and its purpose.

By joining this club I hope to learn new things and be able to help teach others what I learn,” sophomore Katie Simnacher said.

Any student is welcomed to join, and as of the moment students can either email Mrs. Williams or Louallen about joining the club.

I hope that next year I will have more people sign up,” Louallen said. “But I’m still coming up with creative ways to catch people’s attention so they can join [the club].”