Student Council elections this week

Ask not what your student body can do for you, but ask what you can do for your student body.  That’s what 42 students at DHS are doing. They are running for student council, and officers will be elected next week.  Elections will be held during third period so that all students can participate in the election process. Student council benefits our school by doing service projects and helping with patriotism within the school.  Student council members are leaders and they are held to a high standard. They also learn additional leadership skills and have fun too.

Students volunteer to run for open seats in the council but not everyone is eligible to run for student officers.  People who are focused on others and serving others make great student council members. People who don’t follow through on what they started and people who are self-centered are qualities that are avoided in candidates.  

“Students can only run for office if they have served one entire year in student council,” Student Council Sponsor Carrie Albert said.  “Student council is made up of officers, student body officers, who are seniors only, and representatives. Also, students can not have excessive tardies, absences or be in trouble.”    

After the election, students fulfill their responsibility by attending the weekly student council meeting, fulfill their contracts, commitments and obligations that they have signed.  They also have to sign a social media contract and represent DHS well in and out of school. If the elected students do not fulfill their commitments, they will be removed from office and student council.  They must do what they have been elected to do.

“This is a hardworking group of students who learn that leadership is a difficult and thankless task.  It’s not glamorous,” Albert said. “They often find they are dealing with difficult situations. But they are committed to the position and to the group.”

Out of the 55 students in student council, Albert takes 15 council members to state (TASC) every year.  They have to work for their opportunity to go to state by earning points. They can earn points for attending the meetings, wearing their stuco shirt, donating time and items, etc.  The students who have the most points will get to go to state.

“TASC conference is the largest student council conference in the world,” Albert said.  “They learn great things and bring back great ideas to use at DHS.”

Student council elections are a tradition.  It is student government and in our country we elect people to govern, so we hold elections.  Albert said that student council mirrors the national government and election in some ways, and in many ways student council does it better.

“These are outstanding kids,” Albert said.  “I’m so proud of them.”

Students run for student council for various reasons, but each of them have a desire to make their school a better place to be.  Most people running for student council want to get other students excited about what’s going on at DHS today.

“I am running because the past two years I’ve only served as representative and for our senior year I want to become more involved,” junior Aneesa Elizondo.  

Seniors want to leave a legacy for younger students to follow, and many underclassmen look up to the seniors os role model. Leaving a senior gift is a tradition where the senior class gives a gift to the school to help students improve their future . The senior gift is given with a sense of pride for future students of DHS.

“As student council senior secretary my desire for 2020 would most likely be to have the best last year of high school.  I would love to have our class to be one of the best senior classes and win the class float for a second year in a row including an outstanding senior gift.” junior Aneesa Elizondo.

Students grow and change physically and mentally as they go through school kindergarten through 12th grade.  Teachers make an influence on student’s lives and they help to shape the future for many students.  A small seed of a thought can often grow into a passion; even a passion for student council.

“I’ve always wanted to be student body president since Junior High when Ms. Grice would talk to me about it. I also hope to get the student body more involved in school activities.” junior Francine Hernandez.

Every candidate has high hopes for the future of the students of DHS.  Decisions Determine Destiny.

“I hope to achieve equality throughout the school.”  sophomore Erin Davis.