Getting ready for prom: boys edition


Ethan Pray and Naomi Nanez walking into their junior prom in 2018

Harlee Dobbins, Staff Writer

It seems that getting ready for prom, or any other event for that matter, is much easier and quicker than it is for girls.  However, some boys will start planning with a lot of time in advance to be sure that everything is just right.

“I started planning for prom probably towards the end of March,” sophomore Louis Ortiz said.   “I have been measured in some suits to see which one makes me feel more comfortable to look my best.”

Other boys wait until very last minute to plan, and yet everything just falls into place.

“I started to plan the day before prom.  I wasn’t really sure if I even wanted to go,” Ethan Pray said.

Students find inspiration from many different places.  Taking cues from role models is one way to get a head start on the planning.

“My inspiration for my style and look has to be Scott Disick and Conor McGregor,” said Ortiz.

While others don’t wait for inspiration, they just go with the flow.

“I was just in a hurry Naomi, my date, already had her dress and we didn’t decide to go until very last minute,” Pray said.

Students enjoy different parts of prom. With so many activities at prom, students will never have a dull moment.  They have dancing, games, photo booth, snacks and beverages and plenty of time to chit chat with all of the prom attendees.

“My favorite part of prom was the setting up.  It was really fun and I think that the theme from last year was the best one yet,” Pray said.  “I don’t know that any class will ever be able to beat it.”

Students start getting very excited pretty early in advance prom is a new and fun experience for some students. Some students have already gone to prom but are still very excited to go again.

“I’m really just excited to look like a million dollars and have a good time,” Ortiz said.