From high school to the Navy

Jaime Radford, Editor-In-Chief

Many high school students already have their future planned. They will go to college to study for their major in hopes to achieve their dream jobs. However, there are some that will go off to sacrifice so much for their country. Some will join the United States military.

Nicholas Rahja, a senior at Dumas High School, is one of the many graduating seniors that will be going to the military after graduation. He plans on joining the Navy because he believes that is where he belongs in terms of what he wants to do.

“I plan on joining the Navy. The reason why is because when it came to thinking about joining the military I researched all branches and the Navy and its history is the thing that stood out to me most,” Rahja said. “I plan on trying to become a pipe welder and decided the Navy was the best way to go.”

Rahja was always interested in the history of war, and enjoys learning everything he can about it. He is also impacted deeply by war because many of his family members have fought in a war, and he feels inspired to follow in their footsteps and sacrifice what he can for the greater good.

“My grandparents who fought in past wars such as the Vietnam war was what inspired me to join the military. I have also been fascinated with war history so that played a huge part in it too,” Rahja said.

Rahja  plans to spend a lengthy 4 years in the Navy. After he has done his service, Rahja will then use the knowledge he was taught in the Navy to find a job closer to home.

“I plan on serving about 4 years, or longer if I enjoy it more than I expected,” Rahja said. “I plan to use the government training I have been giving and try to get a job with a huge pipe welding company.”

Joining any branch of the military can be nerve wracking, but Rahja looks forward to building his character, and becoming a better person than he is now. 

“I am not nervous about being in the Navy,” Rahja said. “But I  do hope to achieve self-discipline while in the Navy because I don’t have much of that.”

As Rahja counts down the days until he ships out, Rahja can feel good about his decision knowing his family and friends are with him every step of the way.