College Signing

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College Signing

Meghan Hobbs

Meghan Hobbs

Meghan Hobbs

Meghan Hobbs, Staff Writer

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On Monday April, 8 at 3:50 p.m., seniors Brynne Winkelman and Sloan Williams took the next step towards their future. Winkelman signed to Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York and Williams signed to Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas.

“It honestly has been a very crazy journey,” Williams said, “through club and just trying to get noticed to finally signing and getting the chance to play at the next level. It all went so fast. It feels like I was a freshmen yesterday, and now I am about to go to college!” 

As a high school student you are put through many tests that test your emotions. This can put students under an immense amount of pressure. Adding this to being and athlete students can experience a roller coaster of stress and emotions, but all works out how it is supposed to in the end.

“This journey has given me all kinds of emotions. It has mostly been stressful trying to figure out where I truly wanted to go and what was the most affordable college,” Winkelman said.

Choosing the right college can prove to be difficult, but Winkelman knows just the college for her.

“I had lots of options to choose from but Molloy seemed to be the best fit for me,” Winkelman said, “based on location, academics, and their volleyball program it was the perfect fit for me. I had always wanted to move to New York so it worked out well.”

Nonetheless, Winkelman is excited for the new opportunities and experiences college has to offer.

“I am excited for a new scene! I have lived in Dumas my whole life and it gets old being around the same people and being in the same place for so long,” Winkelman said, “I am excited to meet new people and have the opportunity to explore new places.”

Getting to this point, however, did not come easy.

“The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is my junior year. It just felt like I was being forced to play the game I have always had a passion for. I honestly debated quitting,” Williams said, “all the work I had put in over the years was what kept me going. Eventually, it got better. As I entered my senior year and I was ready to prove myself and make the most of my last year as a Demonette.”

Likewise, Winkelman had difficulties on her journey, but with hard work and determination, she also overcame them.

“The biggest obstacle that I have overcome in my career was my knee injury my junior year,” said Winkelman “It was incredibly hard and frustrating to come back from my injury after being out all season but it helped me build a stronger mentality and I think that will help me in the long run.”

Williams looks forward to new found freedom that comes along with going to college.

“I am most excited about getting to be on my own, learn different things, and get out of my comfort zone a little bit,” Williams said, “playing college volleyball will help keep me in shape and make friends that I know will last forever, just like my high school teammates.”