Chromebook Pick-up

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Chromebook Pick-up

Meghan Hobbs, staff writer

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Chromebook pick-up is coming quickly. Chromebooks will be picked up May 1st for Seniors in Mrs. Duncan’s class. Chromebooks will be picked up after DC/AP exams on May 15th for Seniors in Mrs. Wilson’s class.  After EOC exams Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior chromebooks will be picked up May 6,7, and 8. Chromebooks will be picked up Monday May, 6 for students in Biology. Tuesday May, 7 chromebooks will be picked up for students in Algebra. Wednesday May, 8 chromebooks will be picked up for students in US History. A chromebook will be provided for students that have to take multiple tests.

“I honestly don’t get why they would pick them up sooner. If everyone still has their own then they can use theirs,” junior Nathaly De La Rosa said. “The only reason why we would need extras is if someone forgot theirs that day.”

Some conflict has risen with chromebooks being picked up early. Dumas High School’s Technology Specialist Melinda Flores explained during an interview just why the chromebooks are being picked up early.

“Chromebooks are being picked up early this year because we need the extra chromebooks for testing,” Flores said. “The Freshman math test requires two chromebooks for each student. One for the test and the other one is used for the Desmos calculator.”

There are multiple reasons why the chromebooks are being picked up early. Flores continued to say that picking up the chromebooks early would give the technology office more time to assess damages and send collections out. However, there is still some worry about getting online class work done.

“I don’t know how I am going to get any of my work done, because some of my teachers post mainly online.” sophomore Lizette Hernandez said.

While students worry that their work cannot get done, teachers and staff are at ease knowing that there are alternative methods of learning and teaching.  Teachers are prepared to work around the students not having their chromebooks.

“No we aren’t worried about students doing online assignments because the teachers have been made aware of them being picked up early and there is also a computer lab upstairs,” Flores said.

Even though there is some anxiety among students about not having their chromebooks, many expressed their sense of relief in knowing that this is one step closer to the end of the year.

“I am happy that they are being picked up early because that means that graduation is closer than we all thought,” Senior Jennifer Saravia said.