Traveling With Ms. Wood

Jennifer Savaria, Staff Writer

There are so many big things happening at DHS, one of them is a very exciting trip June 4-13 .

Ms.Wood has been planning this trip since last school year with a hope for many students to become involved with this extravagant event.

When asked, what motivated Ms.Wood in wanting to travel so far with a group of students she said, ¨When my parents turned 70 they decided to retire, and start doing adventures from their bucket list that involve traveling. They really enjoyed it and learned so much from it that they decided to travel abroad every other year, and made sure to tell me not to wait until I turned 70 to start seeing the world.¨

The students attending the trip, will be traveling about 12+ more hours across the world to London, and spend about ten days traveling around Europe.  Students have different reasons for going on the international trip.

¨I’m very excited about this trip, as it has been a dream of mine to go to Europe for some time,¨  Haydan Frische.

The travelers will visit some of the most historical places in London, Paris, Florence, and Rome, and will  learn more about culture and history for example the London Bridge, Tower of London, and The Colosseum.

“I want them to learn more about areas that we hear about and see in history books,” Ms.Wood said

The trip isn’t just a life experience it helps students with college credit.  Students can earn up to 3 hours of college credit for their time and experiences on the trip.   Students can use the Europe trip on their college applications to show that they have international experience. 

“Going to Paris excites me the most, and my parents are excited  for me being able to go,” senior, Marie Guevara said. “My parents are excited that I am getting to travel and experience cultures and life outside of Texas.  They want me to explore and see new places.”

“I have always wanted to go and explore the world,”Jenny Dahn said.  seeing Rome and London makes me want to attend this amazing trip. My parents want me to explore new places,” Danh said.

Ms. Wood enjoys motivating other people to travel, as well as getting to experience these new places with the students.  This is Ms. Wood’s second trip traveling abroad with students.  Now that the trip is getting closer, the students are beginning to learn some basic French words.   Such as ‘Where is the restroom?’ and ‘How much is that?’