Diving Into Summer

Brynne Winkelman, Sports Section Editor

Searching for a summer job but can’t find the right fit? The Dumas Aquatic Park is hiring and it is the place for you. All that it requires to apply is passing lifeguard certification test that is given at the pool at the end of April/beginning of May and you must be fifteen years of age. Training begins on May 18th and the pool opens on May 25th. The pool is open from 12-6 daily, but that doesn’t include parties, family nights, and swim lessons where you could gain extra hours. There are two positions open; lifeguards make $7.75 an hour and concession stand workers make $7.25. There is not yet a deadline set for the applications, but get them in ASAP so that you don’t miss your opportunity! Applications can be picked up at the City Hall.

Andrea Cox is the manager at the Dumas Aquatic Park and she encourages you not to wait to apply.

“We haven’t set a deadline yet, but as soon as you put an application in we are interviewing and hiring on the spot, so you’ll want to put them in as soon as possible,” Cox said.

Cox also had many great things about having the pool as a first job.

“This is a great first job because it is very flexible and you gain great social skills,” Cox said. “You also gain good life skill trainings because you are required to be CPR and First Aid certified and that looks great on resumes. Plus, you get a tan!”

Addie Elsheimer, a former employee, enjoyed her time working at the pool and encourages everyone to apply.

“This is a great first job! If you are good with people, I would definitely encourage you to apply. It’s fun getting to work with your friends and having the opportunity to make new friends,” Elsheimer said.

It is a great job for students no matter what is going on during the summer, including athletes. It does not open until twelve, so it won’t interfere with morning workouts and even gives you time to sleep in.

“It was really easy working at the pool because it was summertime, and because we open in the afternoon it doesn’t really interfere with workouts,” Elsheimer said.  It gave me enough time to go from workouts to work without having to rush.”  

The pool also taught Addie to have better social skills and it was a good way of networking with the community.

“I learned how to better communicate with the people around me and people that I didn’t even know. It also gave me insight to the people who are in our community and presented the chance to meet new people.” Elsheimer said.