Dedication and Devotion


Eveline Rivero, Staff Writer

Kamber Van Dyk is a senior at Dumas High School and has been a part of the Dumas Soccer Program for four years.  Kamber has been playing soccer ever since she was able to kick the ball. She joined the program at Dumas High School her freshman year, and has enjoyed her time with her teammates. She has been dedicated and firm to her team and all of her teammates.

“I have played soccer ever since I was six years old, and I decided to try out for the high school team when I moved to Dumas from California, making the varsity team my freshman year,” Van Dyk said.

Kamber had been an offense player, until her senior year, when she was moved to defense. She has only bettered herself as a teammate and person through the passing time between her freshman and senior now. Her goals consisted of making not only herself better, but also her team. She has been honored and granted with great achievements, which she has allowed herself to gain because of her love towards soccer.

“I played offense forward my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. I started playing defense this year, and while playing defense this year, I have had three goals and I have had two assists on goals, this year alone.” Van Dyk said.

Kamber has always been considerable on believing and encouraging others, for the good of herself and the outcome of her team. She wants the best of others, before herself. Kamber has shown great character on and off the field, reflecting on herself and the Dumas Soccer Program, both.

“We never won district games, until my junior year when we beat Canyon once and it was the best feeling. This year we have beat Canyon once, Pampa once, and Borger twice. We have never been in playoffs, until this year. We are currently in second place in our district.” Van Dyk said.

Kamber’s undivided trust and high expectations are similar to her teammates, because of their hard work.  They have had a successful year, that is not quite over yet. The dedication and commitment from everyone on her team has made them a powerful and honorable team.

“We started trying to accomplish our goal to making playoffs all the way back in June with weight lifting, conditioning days and most importantly, giving ourselves space to improve our ball skills.” Van Dyk said.

Kamber’s trustworthy and respectful traits have helped her to be more encouraging to her team. They have had a lot of success this year, and have made a difference. The Dumas Soccer Program has improved and made a lot of changes, allowing them to get recognized more by the school and community, they have earned themselves a lot of respect.

“I am so proud of my team and what we have accomplished this season,” Van Dyk said. “And I am so excited that I am a part of the team that made history for the first time Dumas Girls Soccer has ever gone to playoffs!!”