Trashion Show


Senior Kaela Reeves in her competition dress made out of feed bags

Doe Mai Na and Eh Bway Paw

As April draws nearer, the annual Trashion fashion show contestants are working on making their outfits out of trash and waste.

“The purpose of the Trashion Show is to make people more aware of our environment and the need to recycle, reuse, and reduce the waste,” fashion class teacher Connie Burton said. “It gives the participant the opportunity to create a wonderful design using those material that we would usually throw away.”

Students that are competing in the show are in charge of creating a design that they would be able to make out of trash resulting in them having to bring in their creativity to create a design that will catch the eyes of the judges and their audience.

“It’s a fun project for them to get to go find the trash they want to use and to figure out how to take that bubble wrap and do something fun with it or chip bags, whatever it is,” Burton said.

Contestants are given instructions to create a video showcasing the process of their dress that is then uploaded onto YouTube for the judges to view it.

“They (the judges) then select the top 10 videos from YouTube and invite them to come to 4-H roundup, which is a week long state competition for all kinds of projects in 4-H,” Burton said. “At round-up, the students are put through an interview with judges and then participate in the state fashion show.”

Ever since the first year that the class had participated, they have managed to place many times.

“The first year we went, we had three of the top ten videos that were ours and I took three groups to roundup,” Burton said. “They didn’t place within the top 10 (state), but at least they were in the top 10 (chosen to go to state). The second year we went, I took three students again, we had four of the top 10 video chosen, but only three chose to go. That year we placed first, second, and third at state. Yes, we rocked their world.”

However, since only one student signed up for the advanced fashion class this year, the school decided not to have the class this year. That same student decided to compete in the trashion show.

“This year I have one student,” Burton said. “I didn’t have an advanced fashion design class this year and that is the class we usually do the project in, but I have one student. This will be her second time in the Trashion Show, (and the student) choose to do the project on her own, so I have been working with her and we uploaded her (video) last week. She is in the contest, and now we are waiting to see if she is in the top ten.”

Senior Kaela Reeves, the only participant for this year’s Trashion Show, has recently finished making her dress for the competition and uploaded her video in hopes she would be in the top 10 that is chosen to go to state and hopefully win first place.

“I’m pretty confident,” Reeves said. “Fingers crossed.”