Military after graduation


As this year comes to an end, we prepare to say “Goodbye” to the class of 2019 as they leave high school and start their adventures in their careers. Seniors have visited colleges and looked into majors that interest them and many have decided where they are going and what they are doing. After researching colleges and majors, senior Naomi Nanez decided to join the Navy after graduation.

Nanez has been in softball and band all four years of high school. At the beginning of her senior year, Nanez decided she wants to join the Navy and she has outstanding support from her family.

“My family is very supportive of me going and they always say that they are proud of me,” Nanez said. “I think the biggest obstacle from them and me is the distance, but regardless my parents have been with me throughout the whole journey.”

Making the decision to go into the military is a very stressful thinking process. Making the sacrifices that are needed in order to join and be there for long periods of time is tremendously difficult for not only the recruit, but their family as well. 

“A year ago I was super set on going to college and I had visited schools, looked into the curriculum of the majors I was interested in, and I even looked at dorm room ideas on Pinterest,” Nanez said. “A lot of my decision making came after talking to a recruiter and seeing what I could be capable of if I were to choose the military route. It took a lot of back and forth thinking with myself and overall I think I chose what will be best for me.”

Nanez hears stories from her mom that helped her decide to join because she wants to be able to tell those stories also.

“My mom was in the Army when she was younger and hearing her stories about training and meeting new people definitely created an impact,” Nanez said.

After talking to her recruiters and deciding this was the best path for her, Nanez ships out on August 5th.

“Originally it was the travel aspect that that Navy had to offer,” Nanez said. “But over time I realized that the feeling of becoming a sailor would forever feel great.”