Blood drive coming soon


Doe Mai Na and Eh Bway Paw

The annual blood drive is taking place March 8 in the cracker box gym at the school. The blood drive is an event where people have the opportunity to donate blood to help save the lives of others and help the community.

Sign up sheets for students are located in the main office. By signing up to be a donor, one can help provide blood to those in need.

However, if a student wants to sign up, they have to be at least 16 or older. A student who is 16 needs to have their parents permission to donate blood. Students who signed up are encouraged to eat a good dinner packed with protein and carbohydrates, get at least eight hours of sleep and drink at least eight glasses of water the night before getting their blood drawn.

There are still certain restrictions that pertain to students who signed up.  They will need to reach a certain weight in order to be qualified to be a donor.  Students 16 and 17 years of age will need to weigh the minimum of 125 pounds and students who are 18 need to weigh at least 110 pounds. The students are expected to bring a valid ID and their vital signs will be taken before a person from the staff actually start the process of drawing the blood.

First, the students will be asked questions on their health by one of the staff  after that, a bit of their blood will be drawn to see how much iron is in their blood. Then, students are led to an area where they will be given a bottle of water to help them stay hydrated for the oncoming process as the water helps to alleviate some dizziness.

After that, one of the staff will help the students recline in a chair and start drawing blood. During the process, students are encouraged to eat salty snacks and drink plenty of water. The staff will also ask the students to tense their muscles every few seconds in order to help relax the body. One unit of the student’s blood will be taken during the process.

When the blood is finished being drawn, the students should carefully maneuver their bodies into a sitting position with their legs dangling off the chair. Then the student should slowly get down from the chair and head over to the refreshment area and sit and eat some snack for at least 15 minutes before heading back to class.

The blood that was drawn will be sent to Coffee Memorial center where they will do lab tests and separate the four different components that make up the blood.    

Many students who are donating have stated they are not nervous but fear that they would faint in the process of giving blood.

“To be completely honest, I am just nervous that I will pass out, but other than that I am totally okay with it,” junior David Chavez said.

Even if the student is qualified, many factors can cause a nurse to announce a last minute notice that a student is unfit to donate blood.

“I started to get nervous whenever they took my pulse so last time I couldn’t donate. My pulse and my heart rate went up and it’s not supposed to be that way,” junior Hnin Thu Za said. “Your pulse has to be in a range where your height and your weight matches, so if it’s beating to fast there is something wrong. They don’t want to take blood out in case you faint later on.”

Students are encouraged to donate blood to help out those who are in need of it and their community.

“I want to donate blood because I know it can help save a lot of lives,” Za said.