Work, school, and extracurriculars

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Work, school, and extracurriculars

Felicia Montoya and Meghan Hobbs

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Students balance school with all other aspects of their lives, whether it be work, spending time with friends, sports or any other electives. Many students find it difficult but other students do it with no problem.

Students who are now old enough to work and make money work for many different reasons.

“I work because it makes me feel good to make my own money,” junior Brooke Boelter said. “If I asked my parents for money, they would help me out but I like not having to ask.”

Brooke works at Big R, she is on the tech crew for theatre, and she is in UIL.

“It gets stressful at times when I have theatre one day, UIL the next, and work the day after that,” Boelter said. “I just stay up a little later to finish my homework and do what I can to stay caught up.”

For other students, having a job is too much to handle with all their other activities.

“I’m almost never at school anymore,” senior Jannessa Chairez said. “I have so much work to catch up on from missing school for softball that I couldn’t possibly handle a job.”

Balancing school and softball have been a struggle on Chairez. Though she is handling it responsibly, adding a job would throw her over the edge.

“Balancing school with golf is hard because we travel so much.” sophomore Harlee Dobbins said. “I really applaud the people who manage work with all their school stuff. It’s really not easy and I don’t even have a job!”

School can be stressful for many students and adding work and their extracurriculars can be overwhelming. Many people say that they make time to relax on their days off and it helps relieve a little bit of stress. Some students say that they practice their favorite sports for fun in their spare time.