Axel the State Champion

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Axel the State Champion

Jaime Radford, Editor-In-Chief

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Axel Hernandez has been wrestling his entire life. As he entered high school, he only sought to get better each match. He was one of the many wrestlers that went to compete at the State wrestling competition last Wednesday. After a long, hard fought weekend, he became the State Champion in  weight class 106.

Hernandez has dedicated his entire high school career to wrestling, and he now feels accomplished with achieving the title of State Champion.

“I feel great because I accomplished something big in a sport that I have dedicated my high school career to,” said Hernandez.

Although Hernandez feels like there was still much to do throughout his wrestling career, he is satisfied that his senior year ended with a bang.

“I feel like there are many more things I could have done throughout my wrestling career, but I am satisfied with what I accomplished because I finished my high school career on a good note,”said Hernandez.

Hernandez currently has no plans to continue wrestling. He wishes to focus on his education in order to receive his bachelor’s degree.  

“As of now I have no plans to wrestle in college because I would like to focus on academics during my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering,” said Hernandez.