Demons in Service for Hunger

Brynne Winkelman, Sports Section Editor


There are many different clubs at Dumas High School, but one is silently making a large impact in the school. DISH Club (Demons in Service for Hunger) has been around for approximately four years now and is working to put an end to hunger throughout the school and community. DISH Club is in charge of the Snack Shak, which is where all of the food is held. The program is run anonymously through a form that can be found on the Dumas ISD website. There are multiple food and drink options available for the students to pick so that they are able to get something that they actually want to eat. The students will enter their student ID number and select a teacher that they trust to collect their food from at the end of the week. There is also an option to put in any other personal items that the student may need.

Vanessa Bednorz, the testing coordinator at DHS, has been in charge of the DISH club since 2015, when it first started. She and Principal Brett Beesley created this group with around ten students because they saw the change that it was making in a nearby school. With their students and the students of NPOC in mind, they wanted to cease the problem of their students coming to school hungry. 

“I saw that the Snack Pak for Kids program had a huge impact on the lower level kids and I wanted that for our school. Tascosa was the first to have a Snack Shak program and it was making an amazing impact on their students,” Bednorz said. 

This program is paving the way to ending hunger in the schools and slowly ending hunger in the community. It is all free and available to any students that fill out the form.

“It has allowed kids to eat on the weekends,” Bednorz said. “It’s a non-threatening way for students to sign up for it and it’s all anonymous.”

The students of the life skills have decided to team up with DISH by delivering all of the bags to the classrooms for the students. They deliver on Thursdays of every week,  and the bags are available to be picked up on either the same day or Friday.

“In their classes, they do job skill classes,” Bednorz said. “I thought it was  a good idea for them to be a part of it and it gets them out in the school and teaches them responsibility.”

Kylei Sullivan, a senior at Dumas High School, has been a member of DISH for  three years now. She says she feels that the program has impacted the students by providing food for them and their families, but it has also greatly impacted her life. 

“It has taught me compassion,” Sullivan said. “For these students and for others. And it showed me that you should lose yourself in the service of others.”

DISH club is a great way to get out and help others, while making  a change in your own school.

“It is more than just showing up and packing for those students,” Sullivan said. “It is life changing for everyone involved.”