Shane Davis’s passion for cars


Doe Mai Na and Eh Bway Paw

It had all started with chores. Many children would have done anything to get out of doing errands but not Shane Davis. Davis had grown up in a stereotypical family where a woman would do a woman’s job and a man his. However, this did not hinder him in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it helped him develop his immense passion for vehicles of all kind.

Shane Davis, known to the student at Dumas High School as Mr. Davis, is a chemistry teacher with a passion for cars. His immense love for cars that has already bordered on obsession, have spread far and wide to every nook and cranny in DHS. Any student at DHS that knows him also knows of his love for cars.

“It’s beyond a fixation, “ Davis said. “It’s an obsession.”

Davis’s first exposure to cars started when he was young. His love for them started in a peculiar way, but nonetheless, it was the opening sentence to the beginning of his story.

“I first started working on cars with my father as something we did to keep them running,” Davis said.

Fixing cars was a part of Davis’s chores as a teenager. Growing up in a family who fixed the broken equipments themselves instead of paying others to do it was part of the reason why Davis grew to love cars. It started from simple errands to becoming one of his favorite things to do.

“ Of all my chores and responsibilities, messing with vehicles was my favorite.” Davis said.

As the years went by, Davis’s love for cars remain. While chores and childhood may have set him on this pathway, what would make cars a permanent part of his life started with his journey to Colorado.

“ Going over my first mountain pass with my soon-to-be wife and her family showed me a whole different side of going off-road and what certain vehicles are truly capable of. ” Davis said.

On the roadtrip to Colorado, Davis discovered another passion that went hand in hand for his love of cars. Realizing how much he loves traveling over mountains, and how cars play a big role in it only intensified his passion even more ever since he went back to visit Colorado.

“We have been going there and driving on the 4 wheel drive trails for twenty years,” said Davis. “ And in order to reach the summits of mountain passes, one needs a vehicle that is capable of getting you there.”

With his passion for cars and traveling, Davis’s family often travel to various different places. He wants to continue going on trips with his family and have memories that he can cherish.

“ The farthest we have traveled as a family by car has been to Upstate New York,” said Davis. “Our next trip we would like to take will be to go North and West to see Mt. Rushmore.”

To others, his love for cars may seem foolish, but to Davis, it is something more. It tells a story about him, his memories that he cherishes, and most of all, it represents him as a person.

“I feel as if a person’s car or truck is just an expression or extension of one’s self,” Davis said. “Some people get tattoos to tell their story; I modify and use my car to tell mine. Every repair, modification, dent, scratch, and road trip comes with a memory.”