Basketball building a legacy

Eveline Rivero and Brynne Winkelman

Devyn Hutcherson and Aiden Venzor are two Dumas High School students, Hutcherson and Venzor play for Ray on the Demon Varsity Team.

“I have been playing basketball for 8 years, and I would not trade the experience for anything.” Hutcherson said.

Both of these athletes love the sport and will put work into it rather it be for practice, or just on their free time.

“Anytime I get the chance to take a couple of shots, I use the opportunity to my advantage.” Hutcherson said.

As junior year basketball season occurs, they continue to work hard until their season is over.

“My goal this year is to make playoffs for the first time in over 40 years.” Venzor said.

Venzor has decided that he wants to carry on his journey after high school and play at the collegiate level.

“I want to continue playing after high school, because it has always been a dream.” Venzor said.

Both of these gentlemen have played together since the beginning of their Junior High years and have become great friends on and off the court.

“Devyn has been by my side, and has continuously pushed me to better myself and our team, as I have done so myself.” Venzor said.

Randy Ray is the new head coach of the Demon Varsity Basketball team.

“Coach Ray has made a difference to our program, and he always pushes us to be leaders.” Venzor said.

On February 12th, the Demons defeated Borger at home, 49 to 25.

“The game was very tough, but we pushed through the fight and came off on top.” Hutcherson said.

This season they have had more wins than they had last year, and it looks like they have had a successful season in district.

“District games showed a lot of character, it was a tough and challenging season, but I was more than ready to push through it with my brothers.” Hutcherson said.

Basketball is not just a sport to them, it is a different way of life, a way of bringing happiness to their lives.

“Playing basketball helps me relieve stress, and it creates memories that I would not want to make with anyone else.” Venzor said.

Demon basketball had a rough season last year, but they are coming on top this season and fighting their way through it to the top. If the Demons come on top against Borger this Friday, February 15th, they will be the first boys basketball team since 1971 to make it to playoffs.

“Borger is upon us, and I am more than ready to take on our opponent, it has been a long run and I cannot wait to finish through this fight with my brothers, it was a great season.” Venzor said.